For over 70 years, fans and drivers have been coming to the South Bend Motor Speedway to have fun! The 1/4 mile track has recently had improvements to make it better than ever! Spend your Saturday nights with us!

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Outlaw Late Models

Tech Works Trailer Sales Late Models               

Late Model racing is at the pinnacle of racing here at the South Bend Motor Speedway.

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Dudeck Roofing Sportsman               

The Sportsman series is a recent addition to the South Bend Motor Speedway classes.

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Kniola Automotive Street Stocks

The Street Stock class contains many different vehicle manufacturers and have rear wheel drive.


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Value Tool Front Wheel Drives

The FWD (Front Wheel Drive) class includes quick and modified hornet cars to increase speed and handling.

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Bettcher's U.S. Towing Hornets

The entry class in the South Bend Motor Speedway lineup are the Hornets. There is no limit to the kind of vehicles you might see in this class.

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Demolition Derby                                      

The Demo Derby is truly exciting with all kinds of races including trailer races, bash & crash..etc.



Latest News From the South Bend Motor Speedway


Official South Bend Motor Speedway Opening Day

Join us on April 28, 2018 for the official opening day for the South Bend Motor Speedway. The demolition derby is THE event to kick off this year for us. See all your favorite drivers and all the action!