*Outlaw Late Models and Sportsman Late Models – South Bend Motor Speedway rules apply including tire rules for both classes. Please contact Ryan Powell for rule questions or info as you must pass tech to race.
*The tires you qualify on are the tires you must start the feature on. These tires will be marked when you qualify. (You do NOT need to buy tires from the track however we will have plenty of tires for sale)
*This is a four tire race ALL 4 spare tires will be marked before the race. Only marked tires will be allowed on the car at any time. At the end of each segment drivers will be given a ten minute break during this time you may change tires using only the marked tires for this race.
*Drivers may use the infield to pit as the exit gate to the pits will only be opened at the end of each segment. Any cars pulling off during the race will be held in the infield and not allowed to exit the track until the end of each segment.
*NO radios / NO mirrors


*Top 14 cars will be locked into the A Feature from qualifying (3 consecutive laps)
*Highest driver in SBMS points to not make the race will be given a provisional
*Winner of the B Feature will be offered the 16th starting spot in the event that driver does not take this spot the track promoter will select a promoters provisional to complete the 16 car field
*OLM race will be divided into 3 segments each consisting of 32 Laps / SPL two segments 34 laps each
*At the end of the first segment the winning driver will be offered The Gamble to take the tail for bonus cash. The OLM winner of segment one will be offered $1000 to take the tail the for segment number two / SLM winner of segment number one will be offered $250 to take the tail for segment number two.
*OLM / SPL The winner of segment number one will draw the invert consisting of a 4 / 6 / 8. This will set the filed for the start of segment number two.
*OLM at the end of segment two you will line up the exact same as you finished with no invert.
*ALL restart will use the "Mad House" style cone restarts allowing drivers to pick the lane they would like to re start in.

Payoff OLM:

$3200 to Win / Fast Time $250 / Win all three segments $500 bonus

Payoff SPL:

$1000 to Win / Fast Time $100 / Win both segments $100 bonus

We are working on bonus money for hard charger (driver who passes the most cars) and highest finishing driver who hauls in on an open trailer as well as many other contingencies. STAY TUNED