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Our Racing Classes

Tech Works Trailer Sales Late Models

Tech Works Trailer Sales Late Models               

Late Model racing is at the pinnacle of racing here at the South Bend Motor Speedway.

Value Tool Sportsman

Value Tool Sportsman               

The Sportsman series is a recent addition to the South Bend Motor Speedway classes.

Kniola Automotive Street Stocks

R & B Car Company Street Stocks

The Street Stock class contains many different vehicle manufacturers and have rear wheel drive.

Bellman Oil Front Wheel Drives

Bellman Oil Front Wheel Drives

The FWD (Front Wheel Drive) class includes quick and modified hornet cars to increase speed and handling.

Bettcher's U.S. Towing Hornets

Bettcher's U.S. Towing Hornets

The entry class in the South Bend Motor Speedway lineup are the Hornets. There is no limit to the kind of vehicles you might see in this class.

Sr Mini Wedge

Sr Mini Wedge Series

Jr Mini Wedge

Jr Mini Wedge Series

8 Total Racing Series!

Micro Wedge

Micro Wedge Series

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2022 Current Standings

Tech Works Trailer Sales Late Model Top 5

1Rich Boal229980
2Charlie Hanna68756-242
3Kevin Sauer24748-250
4Vern Sauer48483-515
5Jim Newman442463-535


Value Tool Sportsman Top 5

1Brandon Smith113320
2Isaac Ross96163-169
3Steve Teske2145-187
4Jacob Maynard14119-213
5Nick Pressler10111-221


R & B Car Company Street Stocks Top 5

1Andrew CoatesO110
2Michael Richardson ( R )O7762-328
3Cody Lollar10703-387
4Derek Davis ( R )18587-503
5Saige Hanna88574-516


Bellman Oil FWD Top 5

1Drew Davis819810
2Keith Beringer, Jr.311835-146
3Derek Davis18825-156
4Carl Prince27789-192
5Kevin Davis, Sr.8735-246


Bettcher's US Towing Hornet Top 5

1Dakota Milbourn1019000
2Jonathon Wood17w786-114
3Ronnie Holaway3R732-168
4Ryan Scott69730-170
5Dylan Milbourn99702-198

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